Are You....thinking of obtaining any type of liquor permit or         

  the process of opening a restaurant, bar, liquor              
                        store or convenience store?                        

          .......interested in adding wine and beer to your gas                  

          .......the owner of any type of liquor permit looking for a            
                       better way to handle your renewals?

          ......tired of wasting your valuable time and money?
Relax!  The Texas Licensing Group makes it simple by keeping up with all
industry procedures so you don't have to.  We stay on top of legal and
regulatory changes.  We notify you when it's time for renewals.  We even
take care of filings and time consuming paperwork.

We're different, too.  How?  We're young, energetic, and a full service
agency with vast amounts of experience.  Not only that, we keep our rates
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