Dallas-based Texas Licensing Group, L.L.C. a consulting and licensing
service specializing in local, county and state licensing and regulation for
the alcoholic beverage industry throughout the North Texas area.  Our
clients include restaurants, grocery store chains, package (liquor) stores,  
convenience stores, gas stations, taverns, sports bars, lounges and dance
halls.  Yes, any business that sells alcoholic beverages can benefit from our

Our clients are just like you; successful, business oriented individuals or
companies that understand how valuable their time is in actually running
their business vs complying to outside regulators.

Our experience makes us regulatory experts and, although, we are not a
law firm or a regulatory agency we feel very competent in both.  We work
closely with both federal and local government agencies, business
associates and our client's legal advisors.

In this highly regulated industry, we offer our clients a broad overview and
practical perspective to their options in becoming a licensee.  Our clients
regard us as they would any legal advisor.  We explain government
regulations in plain and simple terms so they are able to make sound
business decisions.

The mission of Texas Licensing Group, LLC is to work with our clients as a
proactive partner, and to be viewed as a valuable resource and advisor, as a
provider of professional services.  We value all client relationships and are
dedicated to client satisfaction, as well as maintaining the highest degree of
integrity and confidentiality.
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The information contained within this website is intended to provide general guidelines on various subjects of
interest.  However, the application and effect of laws and TABC codes can vary depending upon the unique
situation of each person.  Consequently, the information should not be construed as legal, immigration
status, accounting, investment or other professional advice or services.  Each visitor is urged to consult a
qualified professional who understands the visitors particular factual situation before making any decision,
and Texas Licensing Group, LLC disclaims any responsibility for any action taken  by visitors in their specific
cases or for any misinterpretation on the part of such persons.

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